Meet Our Sellers

Black is the New

BITN began with Alex searching tirelessly for affordable yet wonderful items to include in her own home. Being an interior stylist herself, Alex has always had a passion and appreciation for soulful and eclectic interiors. With the mass-produced market not turning up with the goods, Alex honed in on the preloved and second hand. She felt it was only fair to share her finds with like-minded people and so black is the new was born.

Carpenter By Name

Carpenter by Name is a small creative studio that has evolved along with me (Olina Carpenter) into a space that goes past simply sourcing but further into restoration and custom epurposing of vintage and second hand pieces. I believe there is always a creative and more sustainable alternative to our consumer habits, and my aim is to try and provide those. I have always had a very eclectic sense of style, and the pieces I source definitely reflect that! As a very sentimental person I see so much beauty and value in almost everything I see, so finding a way to give those pieces a second life is what I love to do most.

Code Name Gina

Specialising in pieces from the late 20th century, with a articular penchant for Italian design from the 1980s, Code Name Gina serves lashings of drama with a side of glam. Founder Louise Sheedy has a background in film criticism and cultural programming and there is a sense of the cinematic in the pieces that catch her eye. Detail, contrast and originality are hallmarks of the Code Name Gina aesthetic. A combination of sleek lines and bold colours; hints of post-modern madness offsetting cool, calm minimalism; striking, elegant spaces with a sense of warmth and fun.

Era Edit

Era Edit offers tasteful, timeless pieces sourced from around the globe. Our furniture and objects are chosen for their originality, quality and timelessness, with a focus on beautiful handmade pieces and exceptional Swedish lighting.

Homage to Hobart

Homage to Hobart started out as an Instagram account documenting the local built environment. It has since grown into a small online business selling vintage furniture from around Tasmania. Run by Tess Crellin, the focus is on pieces from the 60s – 00s, including modernist designs, vintage IKEA, and lamps big and small. All items are available to view in person by appointment on Murray Street in Hobart CBD.  

L.H Design Hub

LH DESIGN HUB is an online vintage and pre-loved furniture studio run by Leah Holt, based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. All pieces are second-hand and personally sourced by Leah from across Australia. We search high and low for timeless, one-off pieces that get better with age – ready to add warmth, depth and soul to your space. No sourced piece is ever the same, each with its own story, character and charm. Sourcing vintage furniture and objects takes time that people don’t always have. We provide a refined selection of furniture and objects to make it easier for our audience to shop vintage rather than buy new.


Lumini Collections is the shared passion of father and son Paolo & Zeno Lumini who have been collecting art, design and rare finds together in Europe for over 25 years. In 2018 Zeno opened the Lumini Collections showroom in Byron Bay, NSW. With Paolo living in Italy, the duo specialise in importing original vintage collectables from Europe and the areas surrounding their birth home of Tuscany, Italy.

Mooch House

Mooch House was born out of a passion for perfecting the art of the 'mooch' by sourcing vintage pieces and giving second hand furniture a new life. To mooch well is to be surrounded by the people you love in an environment you love, elevating any listless situation into a place of comfort and warmth.  Often all it takes is one special chair, couch or table to bind everyone and everything together, and I'm here to help you find that moocheworthy piece.

Mood Objects

Mood Objects is a Melbourne-based vintage and secondhand furniture and homewares store. We source sustainable, functional, mood-enhancing objects for your living or work environment, helping you create the mood you want to be in.

Mood Objects is currently specialising in custom sofas and lucite marble tables.

Now Im Found

Now Im Found co. founded by Bec and Tash was born in the midst of the pandemic through a passion for sustainable living and a love for thrifting vintage and second hand pieces for their own homes. Fast forward to now, this same passion has been channeled through their small business sourcing and reviving ‘now found’ vintage and second-hand furniture / decor pieces for others.

Obujekuto Interia

Laura at Obujekuto Interia comes from a background of fashion retail and visual merchandising, her personal style is quite utilitarian and often industrial like. However, having grown up in Papua New Guinea she naturally gravitates towards texture and natural elements resulting in her sourcing style being a balance of masculinity vs femininity. Obujekuto Interia was born out of her passion for all things art and design, and love for vintage furniture. Inspired by architecture and design, not only interiors influence Laura’s decisions when sourcing; you can find anything from timeless vintage and Mid Century Modern pieces to unique hand carved, sculptural furniture that celebrate and appreciate true craftsmanship. Obujekuto Interia invites you to bring your own creativity into the process, leaving you feeling inspired to create your own dream space

Projects & Things

Local and international pieces lovingly restored. Good design is sustainable design - spoil yourself not the environment.

Studio Sixty

Founded by Melbourne based creative Melissa Taylor, Studio Sixty was born out of a long-standing love affair with modernist design. A collector herself, she embraces the notion that design is part of everyday life. Allured by the simplicity of sleek lines, robust forms and exceptional craftsmanship of wood, Danish Series - 01 was launched in 2021. Dating from the 1950s-1970s the collection typifies the Danish sensibility of a quiet presence and understated charm that has a unique ability to integrate seamlessly into any environment. Studio Sixty offers a range of carefully selected locally and internationally sourced vintage furniture and objects with an emphasis on quality and functionality. In support of a circular economy, Studio Sixty works with local craftspeople and upholsterers to provide furniture to be cherished by generations to come.

Villa Roca

Villa Roca was founded from a love of all things art. Certainly not an artist of the brush and palette variety but a love of colour, shape and form have seen me move from a career in fashion to furniture and all things interior ! A childhood love of interiors nourished by my late mother, has grown and whilst my style is still fluid, there is a definite lean towards the eclectic - in my eyes there is nothing better than mixing the old with the new and the plain with the pattern!! A recent interior obsession is that of the Mediterranean villa which personifies the style of my own home…a little bit rustic with some design classics. Our aim is to bring you that something special for your home.

Vintage Shui

Make your home your own with second hand and vintage furniture. We offer sourcing, styling, and Feng Shui consults to help you love your space. 

Vintique Foundry

Vintique Foundry is a journey from the vintage heading towards the antique and finally resting in the now with you. We passionately seek pieces that have maintained their characteristic aesthetic and structural integrity to fit a period ambience that you seek to curate. When treasures of yesteryear present as less than perfect versions of themselves, rest assured we are not disheartened, but rather
enlivened, by opportunity. We revel at the notion of unleashing our own creativity and give life to a new sense of furniture. A renaissance feature from elegant to avant-garde.


Vintage Scout is an eclectic range of vintage furniture & items that have been sourced with love and from a refined eye.

Curated and sourced by Em Travaglini, based in Perth WA


Introducing husband and wife team, Geoff and Liz - the founders of the treasure trove that is Vintique Trading.  Melding their backgrounds in landscape design and business management, the combination of Geoff's eye for detail and industrial skills in restoration, and Liz's unique ability to see the diamond in the rough equates to the perfect duo. "Geoff and I love what we do! We get a real kick out of reviving lost treasures and then seeing them loved by their new owners. "Vintique Trading takes pride in honouring the original design and the history of each sourced item. Hand-sanding, varnish colour corrections and chip/tear repairs are all done with love and patience. Vintique Trading aims to ensure the integrity of each piece is preserved and re-energised for a new home. We are always hunting and happy to source for your home.