Collection: Rikki Day x Curated Spaces

Collection: Rikki Day x Curated Spaces

Rikki Day is a female visual artist based on the Gold Coast Australia. 

Raised in northern NSW Rikki spent all of her early years by the ocean, generally somewhere between Rainbow bay and Byron Bay and her connection with the water shows in the fluidity of her work. 

Rikki has always been a creative, yet did not pursue the arts as a career until after the birth of her son in 2018. Through navigating the transition into motherhood Rikki needed an outlet to express. She turned a small corner of her garage into an art nook and that became her sanctuary, safe place and paradise. Rikki shared a few pieces of her work online and although not intended for sale the artworks started selling. Fast forward two years and Rikki now has a full time career as an emerging Australian Artist.

Rikki’s work is abstract, fluid, accepting and highly female centric. The main narrative behind all of Rikki’s work is acceptance and gratitude. Rikki grew up from a young age at home with her mother and her mothers female partner (who was also an artist). The experience of growing up in a same sex household is something Rikki treasures deeply. The lessons of self acceptance, individuality, self worth and equality taught to her through her upbringing are something Rikki aims to share through her work.

“If she ever looked at her photograph and saw her flaws, I hope now she looks at my art and sees her beauty” - Rikki Day.