Learn More One off Selling - More Information

Looking for further information? We’ve broken down everything you need to know below.


Listing information

When submitting your application to sell your one-off item, you’ll be required to fill out all relevant information on our Consignment Application Form

This includes: Name of item, description (designer, make, material etc.), condition, item size, and category, along with photographs, which we outline below.

Please note: we don’t sell second hand lighting including lamps or pendants.



  • We require about ten photographs (give or take) to create the listing for your special piece;
  • The ‘first’ photo listed on the website must be shot in portrait mode so please make sure there is at least one portrait photo when sending through your images;
  • As a seller, you’ll provide the photos and the relevant product information (as outlined above);
  • It’s very important to ensure you photograph any and all damage/wear/tear/defects on your item at the time of listing it, no matter how minor it may seem. As a seller, it’s your responsibility to provide an accurate representation of your piece. 
  • If your item is being picked up by a courier, we require you to take photos or a video of the entire item as digital proof of its condition prior to being loaded. This way, you’ll be protected if your item happens to be damaged during transit. If you do not, then we will not be able to defend the condition in the event there is a complaint, and you will be liable to refund the customer including shipping costs.


    • The ‘listing price’ is the total price of the item, which includes the CS commission and your net sales proceeds;
    • Our commission is 25%. For example, if the listing price is $100, you’ll receive $75 in your pocket.
    • There is no listing fee and if your item doesn’t sell, then you don’t have to pay a cent.

      Sell Now

      The Nitty Gritty: The Sale Process

      • Once your item has been approved and the listing price has been agreed, we’ll list your item on our website;
      • The terms of our agreement cover listing your item on our platform for two weeks. After this time, it’s at our discretion to keep the item online for a longer period of time should you wish to do so;
      • You may not sell your item on other platforms while it is listed with CS. If you decide to do so after the initial two week period, you must let us know. Otherwise, you will be responsible for refunding the buyer if it sells through CS and you are unable to honour the sale;
      • When your item sells, the buyer will receive an automatic confirmation email with your contact details so they can contact you to arrange collection. Please ensure you respond to the buyer in a timely manner with the collection address and any other information to ensure a smooth collection;
      • The buyer is responsible for collecting the item themselves or arranging a courier to collect the item. They must collect the item from you within two weeks of purchase;
      • If you haven’t heard from the buyer within three days of purchase, please let us know and we’ll follow up on your behalf;
      • To prepare your item for collection please ensure it is in the exact same condition as documented in the listing. If you notice damage or wear that was not mentioned or photographed in the listing you will need to inform us and the buyer. If the buyer raises a complaint about the item’s condition, we will ask you for photographic and video proof that it was not damaged before leaving your house.
      • Depending on the type of item you are selling, it is advised to wrap or box your items if it is going with a courier to protect it during transit. This is your responsibility, so please carefully consider whether the item is appropriate for courier delivery. We recommend that fragile items are listed as available for buyer pick up only.


        • You’ll receive payment for your item from us within ten working days of the sale .
        • In some cases, the buyer may want to organise collection before the money has landed in your account. Payment on our end is guaranteed, so please feel at ease to allow this.