Introducing RUBBLE, a modern stone-age family business and lighting concept formed by creatives, Max (Father) Gillian (Mother) and Jerrie-Joy (Daughter). Hailing from eclectic backgrounds in the television and arts industries, their designs are conceptually informed, using a playful and unrestricted imaginative process. 

Starting as a mindful creative output during COVID, the designs take form at the intuitive hands and minds of three collaborators. Separated by states and border closures, the trio communicated virtually to develop the series. What began as a way to stay connected creatively grew organically into a business.

Creating solid and long-lasting sculptures, these pieces serve as timeless, functional art with both light and fierce personality rolled in to one. Combining sculptural beauty with utility, each Rubble Stix has a biomorphic quality and takes on a persona. 

Hand-made from aerated concrete; their structure is similar to natural stone, sealed to leave a cool feeling, lightly textured, polished concrete finish.



Jerrie-Joy is an Art Director and stylist who takes influences from sculptor Henry Moore, the organic shapes in Georgia O’keeffe paintings and iconic Australian artist Reg Mombassa. Balancing Danish design sensibilities with more abstract expressions, like the play of light cast across rock formations in Joshua Tree and the Mojave Desert. 

Max is the artisan carver who chisels and sands each unique piece. As a photographer and television director, Max has always appreciated the great importance of lighting. He now works to shed light in your home by subtracting matter to reveal the final design. 

The celebration of this exciting new RUBBLE collaboration continues as Gillian whose background is in heritage museums and event production for art and architecture enthusiasts, works on getting the finished pieces out there! 

The result is a series of playful characters that establish an easy balance, warmth and curiosity in your home. Lighting the dark corners of your life. Created for the love of creating, for the creatives. 

Let’s get ready to RUBBLE!