Tatsiana Shevarenkova is a Belarusian artist based in Sydney. After a career as a fashion stylist in Moscow, she moved to Australia in 2019 and began to explore her curiosity of more tactile mediums. As a self-taught artist, she founded COSSET CERAMICS in 2020 and began to explore sculptural forms. Moved by the biomorphic sculptors of the mid 20th century, she creates dramatic but utilitarian objects. In her work, Tatsiana attempts to reconcile a sense of kinetic sensuality confined to an immobile form. The tension between materiality and the incorporeal opens up a space of exploration, of play. These works are testament to feminine enchantment and to the possibilities which always escape the form.
If you are interested in commissioning a work from Tatsiana, please send us an email to enquire.

Shades Launay offers a refreshing and resourceful take on lighting, using textures and materials influenced by the founder’s inherited connection with Andalusia and the south of France. All shades are fabricated with environmentally considered materials that are biodegradable and assembled on salvaged frames collected within Australia, or stainless steel frames made by hand locally. A process that ensures bespoke one of kind pieces, and contributes to more ethical and sustainable production.