Limited Edition CHUB

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  • Limited Edition CHUB
  • Limited Edition CHUB
  • Limited Edition CHUB
  • Limited Edition CHUB
  • Limited Edition CHUB
  • Limited Edition CHUB

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Limited edition CHUB in a gorgeous glossy green. only fifty of these will ever be made in this colour. 

The CHUB stool is the result of experimentation with colour and form with the ever-present need for purpose and functionality. Be it a stool, bed-side table or even step ladder this design can be seen as a highly practical art object for the home. With its cheeky bodily form and popping colour, the character of this stool will enhance any space while lasting the test of time with its sturdiness. 

The CHUB was thoughtfully chosen to be made of Aluminium as it is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. Aluminium is highly recyclable and has a life-span measured in decades rather than years.

The CHUB stool has been designed for use both indoors and outdoors. Due to high-quality powder coated finish, the stools will withstand most weather conditions. 


Dimensions 300mm wide x 150mm deep x470mm high 

Powdercoated aluminium

4.2kg per item

Available in colour ways: White, Bite Blue, Tumeric, Sunflower, Terracotta, French Blue, Jelly Fish, Banana, Chocolate, Shell, Sage, Sienna and Sky*

*there is a much wider selection of colours available, so if you would like to enquire about another specific colour please get in touch.



Postage only 


The Designer

With a background in boiler making, Jack and Mark Fearon, brothers and all-rounders in the fields of both design and trade, lead a versatile, material-based practice. Their projects range from large scale (building water trucks to architectural joinery) to smaller scale one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture for the home and workplace. The duo creates their furniture designs out of a multitude of materials, often returning to metal as their finish of choice.




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